My husband and I ALMOST bought a sign from Signtronix. I am so grateful that we did not. After taking up 4 hours of our time(we rearranged travel arrangements and business appointments to accommodate salesmen) we were on the *** of signing up--for a very expensive sign.

When we said we would like to think about it overnight and do some budgeting, we were told that that was not possible. "How could we pass up the chance to have a 'guaranteed' increase in business?" And yet, when I asked them what happens if my business did not increase, I got no answer. Maybe they should have offered to sign a guaranteed performance agreement???!!!

In hindsight, I am grateful that we did not sign a contract with Signtronix and I will do what I can to alert other business owners in my

area. I will buy my sign from a local business that will in turn shop in my store.

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As for all of you who feel great posting stuff about Signtronix and saying that you are warning fellow small business owners about us, YOU ARE COMPLETELY WRONG!!!

As for those of you who say you started Signtronix and then didn't like the way we did things, you are not following the clauses set forth in the paperwork you signed in class.

You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Signtronix is a great company and the Location Coordinators are not sales people at all. We arrange with owners to have their business as marketing partners in a nice program and by becoming a marketing partner we eat most of the cost of your sign.

Take a sign like ours to some dinky sign custon sign shop and first of all realize that they are going to tell you that they cannot make a product like that!!!

Second off, see if they give you a great price like we do and THEN see if they will finance that sign for you with little money down and small payments...


So whine all you want but have fun with it because Signtronix is AMERICA'S SIGN COMPANY!!!


I don't know anything about signtronix but I do know asking for a PERFORMANCE guarantee for any type of advertsing, whether it be tv, radio, print or a sign is impossilbe...I have clients who want performance guarantees on radio broadcasting...what a joke...Can you gurantee mr client you'll have all the business you want today? Impossible. The reason most small businesses are suffering is because most small business owners are *** and can't *** it in the corporate arena

to Tom Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #597266

In regards to Tom's comment. From what I read the lady said the sales Rep made a guarrentee that the sign would double her business and she just wanted him to put his money where his mouth is.

This way it would not just be her money on the line and that sounds like a really smart business woman. You said you have clients who want a performance guarantee on Radio advertisments, and you right that is a joke but did you first tell them "I guarrantee it will double your businss" like the Rep that was talking to her?


I was approached today by a representative. He started giving me his demo and when I said I would like to see the bottom line figure on costs he packed his stuff up and abruptly left. I guess it was to my advantage to not fall for his long drawn out high pressure sales tactics.

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