I was hired by Signtronix and went through thier 5 day training program; this is one of the biggest scams I have every seen; Lance & Bryan who run the Texas region are not honest men and they are trying to train other people who will dupe customers out of their money.

The scam is thier "Main Street" program it's a front to get you to sigh up for a sign that will cost you more than told during the meeting.They are just *** men!!

I quit right after the training. If you see a Signtronix sales rep turn them away!


Monetary Loss: $8000.

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Signtronix is so "proud" of their sales people that they won't give you a business card or any other proof that it's a legit organization

Run, don't walk from this circus


I attempted to sell signs for this company after losing my job in 2010. The "scam," if that's the right word, is the whole sales process is based on deception.

You walk into a business and ask to speak to the owner so you can get their feedback on a new sign that's being unveiled. You promise not to take more than ten minutes of the person's time and they agree. After showing them the sign, you pack up your stuff to "leave," knowing full well they will ask what the sign costs. This is when you say "it depends" and start hemming and hawing about size, design, etc.

When they persist in wanting a price, you whip out the sales notebook and begin to explain about the importance in signage when it comes to succeeding in small business, the hassle of dealing with independent sign companies, etc. Then you whip out a worksheet that shows what they can expect to spend at a typical small custom sign shop verses what a sign from Signtronix would cost. You show how the increase in business will more than pay for the sign in just a few short months. Then you pack up your stuff and once again pretend to "leave." You then take out a short survey to ask the potential customer how you did with your presentation, etc.

with the last question being "If money was no object, would you consider buying a sign from Signtronix?" When the potential customer says yes, you then explain that there's a special program called "Mainstreet America" where you'll give them a reduced price on the sign because you like their location and it would be good advertising for the company. The catch, of course, is they have to buy the sign today... it's a onetime offer. This is all total *** as the plan all along was to offer them this "deal." Again, it's all deception.

You lie and say you are a "business locator" (or some such BS title), not a sales person, which is why you don't carry business cards.

So if this is your idea of a great way to make a living, knock yourself out!

I'd rather not have to manipulate people in such a disingenuous manner just to make a lousy sale... I was done with these people after a month.


A couple of things here. First, Equipment leasing is expensive and can add 40%-60% to the equipment cost whether it's an LED Sign, a Pizza oven, or AC System. That has nothing to do with the seller. See, these business leasing finance companies are not subject to consumer credit laws. And there is no truth in lending requirement! On the other hand, however, the tax advantages are huge and usually negate the added cost of funds. When a sales rep gives you a monthly payment, simply multiply by the term to find your total cost. There is no extra profit, unless the seller requests an amount higher than then the quoted price. Which may, or may not, be the case here. Never the less, as you can see on these boards, this company has levels of people that must be paid. 1) The manufacturer, 2) the distributor & 3) the commissioned sales reps. Plus, over-rides to sales managers, etc.

If you want an LED Sign and want to deal direct and eliminate all those layers of added costs, try ScreamingSigns.net. And if you are looking for work as a sales rep, we can talk--no flim-flamers!

Screaming Signs had been selling LED Signs Nationwide for over three years and building LED Signs since 2009. We have an A Rating with the BBB (Unsubscribed!) and No complaints anywhere. That's because we bend-over backwards to make customers happy, even if it means losing money. And we will never condescend to you offering "5th grade math" solutions and such.

Our quality is second to none!

As for the "ex-sales rep" I cannot speak to his veracity except to say that it's possible that he doesn't understand, or believe, the numbers related to lease to own programs. On the other hand, if they did things like add sales tax, or add fees, that's dishonest. Moreover, reputable leasing companies do not require any down payment to process and application. At Screaming Signs our sales people take nothing but the app. Then, if approved, we go over the numbers with full disclosure. Our customers pay nothing until the deal is done and accepted by the customer.

Finally, true sales professionals do not demand that you make a "decision on the spot." or use high pressure closing tactics. People who do that, and then refuse to refund a deposit citing the fine print which they didn't allow you time to read? Well, draw your own conclusion on that score.

to Jim Zano #1000034

let me get this right, you're willing to do business with a person even though you are gonna lose money? bahahahaha. who is the one running a scam.


As for all of you who feel great posting stuff about Signtronix and saying that you are warning fellow small business owners about us, YOU ARE COMPLETELY WRONG!!!

As for those of you who say you started Signtronix and then didn't like the way we did things, you are not following the clauses set forth in the paperwork you signed in class.

You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Signtronix is a great company and the Location Coordinators are not sales people at all. We arrange with owners to have their business as marketing partners in a nice program and by becoming a marketing partner we eat most of the cost of your sign.

Take a sign like ours to some dinky sign custon sign shop and first of all realize that they are going to tell you that they cannot make a product like that!!!

Second off, see if they give you a great price like we do and THEN see if they will finance that sign for you with little money down and small payments...


So whine all you want but have fun with it because Signtronix is AMERICA'S SIGN COMPANY!!!

to ... #1367135

This reply has some factual content yet it took a defensive and arrogant tone. That might seem acceptable in responding to what you feel is untrue or slanderous yet how do you think it might reflect on Signtronix if a prospective customer or new hire reads it?

Assertive or aggressive?

Professional or unprofessional? Secure or insecure?

Likely not an ideal strategy.

There are more effective ways to respond to negative online reviews or company crisis.

Michael Toebe

Conflict Management Care


I'm a sales rep. Not for Signtronix.

Whoever the sales rep is who trained for ST and then felt they were a scam...WAKE UP DUDE to Corporate America...All major companies are a scam from Pitney Bowes to Bank of America. I have worked for them all and they will scam to get a sale so don't go pointing out that one company is a scam. Bank of America is the biggest scam around...50% of their profit comes from hidden fees to their valued loyal customers by cheating them out of their hard earned dollars. I worked for Pitney Bowes noted once for being a fav company to work for.

My manager lied to a law office saying they were getting a new system when in reality it was a used system...This country is built on scams. So take your sob story and shove it dude.


To the guy that said he was hired by signtronix. You "lied".


Contact me thur the company & put your cash where your mouth is. Most of you complain because you lack the ability to make a smart decision on the spot. Like a true professional does. You are the one that can't decide on anything "drama".

Life is short.......you complainers should get one. Signtronix is the best thing that ever happened to me and my family and I personally have helped Thousands of business grow and prosper all over the south Ga.Tn.Al.Fl.SC.NC.


The first lie is the saleman is not with the retail side of the company. He/She is with the advertising dept.And is here to find great locations for the company to place signs.

Because signs sell signs. We are here to send the boss' money.What a JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You people are retarded. There sales team are more honest then car salesmen.

And FYI to the guy in court. You can't sign a contract and then decide to back out.

My guess is you have no understanding of basic ethics. If you did you would relies you are flushing money down the drain suing them because of you trying to create a breech in contract.


I did research on Signtronix and found out they had 55 complaints in the last 3 years with the BBB. Now to an uneducated person that would seem bad.

But if you crunch the numbers and see that they sold a little over 210,000 signs over the last three years you can easily figure out that only 0.00026% of there customers end up pissed off. For those of you that are pissed off or say you researched the company and decided not to do business with them I will write it in crayon for you, because you either are not going to last in your business that long because of your lack of understanding of fifth grade math, or you are a little retarded. That is 0.026 % of 0.01%. For those of you who are still a little lost that is a great track record.

And for those of you that don't understand the word scam.

You may be better off investing in a dictionary or at least graduate up to the sixth grade. I will be doing business with this company.


first of all i know that signtronix is a rip off and the south texas salemans Cory Peter Splonick from Houston texas is the biggest rip off man they have. I have contacted the main office but because these guys work on sales only their not employees their contract sales mens that way Signtronix is not reasonable for their action. And the more I looked into it I found more ppl just like me, I would love to go into what happen BUT we are still in court and i don't want to blow it but basically they took my money then when i wasn't comfortable with the contract and wanted my back well they haven't refund any of my money yet and it's been over two years.

my story is true and if anyone wants to no more after court, my # is 409 682 4679

todays date is 6-2-10

to buddy miller Wichita, Kansas, United States #635105

You are an ***. Signtronix never asks you for any money. If you own them money it is because you stole from them. If anyone has questions about this call me.



First off Signtronix doesn't hire you. It is a commission based sales job.

I just completed the training and had nothing but strong, ethical, business practices taught to me.

They sell signs to businesses that need them. I am not sure what the problem here is.


This is a growing trend with outside sales that deal with business to business transactions. Would you care to elaborate as to what they train a sales person to do/say exactly? and is there any kind of outright contract fraud going on

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