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I work directly with Signtronix and I can promise you some of these complaints are bogus. A lot of the low star ratings comments are just short sentences with no real information about the situation.

I have been a proud member of the Signtronix family since 2007. As a manager in the company we strive for complete satisfaction of our customers. Unlike some companies we are a nationwide provider of high quality signs, with the nation being our customer base and also being a mass production company the number of complaints online we will round up to approximately 100. With that being said we have been striving in business since 1958, this is less then 2 complaints per year as an average.

I understand that some customers may have had a bad experience as with any company its impossible to satisfy everyone. When these things happen we do try and in most cases succeed in fulfilling our customers needs. Its unfortunate that not everyone wants to take the time to place a review when they are happy however when they are upset its almost instant. Now, the complaints that deal with the individual that entered the business and approached the customer as the salesperson.

There is no such thing as seeing the future and as a manager that hires on a regular basis it is impossible to know what is going to happen with each individual that hits the road and works after training. We have integrity and demand honesty from all of our reps. When this doesn't happen we MUST and DO relieve them from their positions immediately. What amazes me that everyone from a business that is writing negative reviews about the sales person isn't calling the company to complain yet they blast this on the internet expecting something to be done as if this has never happened to them.

You are all business owners, and make important, strategic and crucial decisions for your business everyday and yet pretend you have never hired someone who has gave you a bad impression or has made a customer of yours unhappy. We have to know about these things immediately to fix them. If you do not contact a manager or the company about them and just place a complaint online we cannot assume whom you have talked to. In closing, the customers that have had a bad experience I do apologize for your experience and its very unfortunate that you worked with someone that didn't follow through, when this happens you should try to find another Signtronix dealer to work with in the future to avoid these types of situations, I can assure you when the complaints are valid and I am sure some of them are, as in any business that its not a reflection of every order we place or every customer we have.

Its that order, an order that should have been properly handled and a customer that should have been followed up with and that everyone is a reflection of the individual you dealt with. At the top of your contract there is 2 names. One is yours and one is the dealer in which you worked with.

That's who needs to be held accountable and we as a Company cannot do this without your help so call the number on the folder, wait on hold if that what it takes because it takes the same amount of time to log on to a website and type a complaint about a company when its the individual that your upset with. Again, those unhappy I truly do wish the best for you and I hope from this point forward you become at some point and satisfied, if not and we have lost you as a customer in the future I am sorry we failed you good luck in all future endeavors.

Reason of review: Good quality.

I liked: Opportunity for myself and business owners.

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