I was completely turned off from the very beginning of the man's "sales pitch". I just purchased my business in December of 2014 and explained to him that I was interested in getting a sign but I was in the process of researching and that I was not in the market for a sign for the next couple of months.

He was very rude and stated that if I was looking for "cheap" he would just pack up and go. When I asked for a bus inessential card he said he didn't have any.

When I asked for a Web address his attitude kicked in and he hurriedly packed up and stormed out of my shop. They lost a potential customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Signtronix Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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What a sensitive ***

Madison, Florida, United States #1023950

he most likely didn't work for the company or was no longer working for them.


Signtronix = SCAM



they gave me paperwork saying that is was a risk free 30 day trial and that they need my ss to verify my identity and or a soft inquire on my credit...BIG LIE - they financed the sign through a finance company/lease in which you cannot get out of. Ultimately they charged me triple what you can buy the sign for and no one will ever return your call

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