I just now had an encounter with a signtronix represenative Douglas Stripp who says he has been with the company more than 25 years. personable and polite until you say you do not like the terms (yes I actually read contracts, ESPECIALLY when someone tells me He's gonna go over it with me so I don't have to.

Truly nice guy kind of person... but easily offended. When I did not agree to sign on the line immediately he said 'well if you don't TRUST me' and when I said I had to look up the company online, and would contact him it ALL went up in smoke, saying he couldn't do this by mail, etc. sorry but my spidey sense was a tingling...

Read that contract thoroughly, you can only sue them in CALIFORNIA, you have NO recourse on your deposit, and they can rake you over the coals if they want to. I guess I did better than most of you guys, he only wanted to charge me a little over a thousand... and I think that is a good price, but after reading these reviews, no thanks. I have been in business 25 years...

not a babe in the woods... and I don't have to deal with some company that doesn't want me to look into their background.... you should have heard him complain when I made copies of the contracts and scrap paper. (good business practice for all you newbies) I did let him write VOID on the contract.

I am not saying this man is not trustworthy, I will say he made me think more than twice... he was just a little too good to be true til i asked him the hard questions.

careful out there!

Cheryl ... a real live business owner in business 25 years...

Product or Service Mentioned: Signtronix Sign.

Reason of review: glad i didn't fall for it.

I didn't like: Did not want me to check company out.

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